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Simone Smith: NDIS provider under Early Childhood Supports

Simone Smith: History

I started my career as an early childhood teacher whist awaiting a paediatric nursing intake, and have never looked back! I have a great passion for working with children and their families, and feel very lucky that I work in a field I really love.

Through my early teaching days, I had many families in my centre with complex developmental needs, and 20 years ago was given an opportunity to work in specialist children’s services, and that has become my major work focus.My 3 years as Lead Educator of an Autism Specific Kindergarten in Geelong has also had a significant impact on my practice.

I have worked for Scope, Specialist Children’s Services and Gateways Support Services, and have experience in working with children with physical and complex medical needs, developmental delay, autism and other additional needs. My philosophy is that children are not defined by a diagnosis, and are all very individual with great scope to develop in their own way with opportunities, guidance and appropriate supports.

What Service does my business provide?

‘Early Childhood Supports’

Early Intervention Specialist [Educator] also known as EIA

Professional Services Provided

Individual therapies:-

  • Home based Therapy support
  • Family Service Coordination / key worker
  • Consultancy to educational settings
  • Behavioural Education & Support
  • Social Skills / Emotional Learning
  • Extensive ASD & disability experience and knowledge
  • Facilitated peer to peer interaction
  • School Transition support
  • Sandplay Therapy for capacity building and or trauma support

What age group can an Early Intervention Adviser work with?

Operation hours: Monday to Friday, including school holiday periods


What localities do I provide services : Geelong, Bellarine and the Surfcoast


Where is the service listed on the Price Guide?

Improved Daily Living Support Category /Early Childhood Intervention Supports ECEI /Improved Daily Living Skills

  • Specialised Individual therapy for early childhood


Where can the service be provided?

Individual therapy for Early Childhood

  • This service is flexible to individual needs of the child and family
  • Service can be provided in the home, early years service, educational settings, at my office or other community settings...

What are the costs involved under NDIS funding?

  • Specialised Individual therapy for early childhood $ 193.99 (includes 1 hour of service and follow up including notes)
  • Travel costs where applicable according to NDIS guidelines

I am currently an NDIS registered provider

  • Application for Early Childhood Supports approved until April 2021
  • Currently working as sole trader from 76 Grandview Rd., Torquay or in the community in family homes and educational services.

How do participants access your service?

Enquiries through NDIS portal or by phone or email

Simone Smith

ABN: 36456786624

Ph: 0417 039 381

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How is the participant supported? 

Participants are supported through Family centred therapies that are responsive to the individual needs of the child and family.

What Skills does the Provider have?

  • Experienced in Key Worker role
  • Specialist in behavioural support
  • Play based learning that is strength based, driven by the child’s interest and developmental stage.
  • DIR Floortime registered provider Level 2 – optimizing developmental outcomes through play based relationship focussed learning for child and parents.
  • Accredited Sandplay Therapy Facilitator- building emotional capacity in young children
  • Training in Early Start Denver Model for children with Autism Spectrum

By incorporating learning and strategies as required from a broad base of Early Intervention accredited practice. This may include:-

  • Cognition and learning strategies
  • Strategies targeting specific concerns ie: rigidity, social and emotional challenges, behaviour concerns
  • Sensory and emotional regulation strategies
  • ‘Social thinking’ - Zones of Regulation; Theory of mind and Executive function strategies
  • Skill based strategies targeting fine or gross motor skills etc
  • Early Goals Parent support training tool kits
  • Strength based Practices Matrix and strategies for working with families
  • Use of developmental assessments / checklists such as SCERTS and ESDM indicators.
  • Inclusive practices for educational settings

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